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An Easter “Situation”

24 Apr

It’s not every day (thank the gods) that we are awakened from a deep sleep at 6:45 a.m. by a sheriff’s deputy holding an assault rifle, but that is precisely what Husband and I woke up to this morning.  The very nice officer proceeded to inform us that there was a “situation” in the neighborhood and that we should grab our family and take shelter in the basement and away from the windows.  So we proceeded to quickly grab the animals, Jack, a couple jackets, a phone, a book and a cup of milk (because no 16-month-old is exactly thrilled to be yanked out of his crib to sit in a cold and unfinished basement) and hide out in the basement.  We were down there for about 15 – 20 minutes before we received a call from a police man to tell us that it was now safe to move around our house again.  Talk about a crazy way to start an already stressful Easter.

Whenever I picture the holidays, I picture the movies where they show the family gathered around a table set with the nicest of china and those ridiculous charger things (seriously, what’s the point of putting a plate on top of another plate?) and cloth napkins.  I picture them giving thanks for each other and laughing about the crazy thing that so-and-so did when they were little.  The fancy table settings have never been my family (we’re more the paper plates and finger food kind), but we have always been thankful for each other and we’ve always been fond of telling the same childhood stories like they just happened yesterday.  This year, my Easter couldn’t have been farther from that.  I don’t understand how things got so complicated, but I wish we could all mature up, admit that we’ve all made mistakes, and say “I love you, can we please start over?”  I’m not usually an overtly spiritual person, but on this day when we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice, should it really be so hard to say “I’m sorry?”

Whether or not this will ever happen for my family remains to be seen, but I sure hope the next time a holiday rolls around it’s at least gunman free.