I Am a Page Turner

28 Jun

I am a page turner. At times it as though the intense joy that I get from reading comes from the simple act of turning the pages. I love the smell of pages and the feel of them flipping through my fingers. I am a person who always flips to the very last page of a book, not to read it (I would NEVER), but to see what page number it is. I need to know how long I have to go until the end. I do the same thing with chapters. How many chapters, how long until the next one. These are compulsions that define the way I read. I am a page turner and up until a couple of weeks ago I swore I’d never enjoy reading in any other format than a good old-fashioned book.

But, then my friend loaned me this:

Yes, my friend loaned me her Amazon Kindle so that I could read The Help (which is AMAZING) before the movie (which looks fantastic) comes out in August. And, in spite of myself, I think I’m actually liking my experience with the Kindle. I can’t turn the pages and flip ahead to the ends of chapters like I am prone to do, which drives me crazy. But, I do enjoy the pretentious snobbery of pulling it out of my purse. I enjoy how light it is. And, it really is easy to read; nothing like hours at a computer screen.

Another qualm I had about actually purchasing one of these little doohickeys is that I love to own the actual hard copies of the books I love. They’re little pieces of me which I proudly display on every shelf I own. I don’t like the idea of buying them on an eReader where no one can see them and I can’t loan them to anyone to help spread an amazing story around. But, more and more places (including my own library) are offering eBook rentals, so I could read the books on my eReader and then purchase a hard copy if I wanted to.

I think, basically, what this long and rambling post is saying is that I’d like an eReader. I don’t know yet if I want a Kindle or a Nook or even what the difference is (besides the brand name stamped on the front). But Mom, if you’re reading this, I think I know what I want for Christmas…


3 Responses to “I Am a Page Turner”

  1. Bridget June 28, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    With the new Nook, you can turn the pages by using the eInk touchscreen. That may make a difference to the tactile part of you. You just swipe your finger across the bottom, much in the same way you would if you were actually turning a page. My (older) Nook has that, too, but on the color touchscreen portion.

    • Andrea July 5, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

      Ooo, I really love the idea of turning an electronic page. That might actually help me with my issue, as silly as it sounds. I haven’t ever even looked at a Nook before, but I’ll definitely be playing with one the next time I go to Barnes & Noble.


  1. Being Productive at Life « prettyandink - July 5, 2011

    […] the holiday weekend, I was able to finish The Help which, as I mentioned in my last post, is AMAZING. I absolutely loved it and highly, highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking […]

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