Being Productive at Life

5 Jul

Rejoice, for my summer class is officially over! Because of my (un)fortunate status as “unemployed,” this means that I have the duration of the summer (or until I find a job, whichever comes first) to lounge and play with my son, clean and organize my house, make an indent on my massive “to read” list and WRITE WRITE WRITE. I am pleased to report that thus far, I have been very successful at starting all of the above.

Over the holiday weekend, I was able to finish The Help which, as I mentioned in my last post, is AMAZING. I absolutely loved it and highly, highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a poignant, yet fast, read for the summer. While this (sadly) means that I must return my friend’s Kindle, I am excited about starting the next book on my summer reading list: The Hunger Games. I’ve heard good things about the series and I’m excited to finally get the chance to take a crack at it.

Today while Child was napping I was able to write for a good hour uninterrupted. It felt amazing. While an hour might not seem like much, with my life, my schedule, and my track record, an hour is huge. If I can keep up at least that hour every day, this summer might actually be the summer where I finish my novel. That would be a small miracle, seeing as how that’s been my summer goal for the past three years now, but for once I actually feel like it’s an attainable goal.

We’re planning on having a garage sale at the end of summer this year to help clear out the massive collection of CRAP we’ve accumulated in our house; hence the cleaning and organizing going on. Some people spring clean. I, apparently, summer clean.

I’m hoping that the momentum I’ve built for all of my summer goals is enough to propel me through July and August. I’m tired of being the only thing and/or person that’s holding myself back. This year, rather than sucking at life, I plan to kick life in the metaphorical balls. *Cheers*


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