Supply and Demand – A Work of Fiction

2 Aug

Charlie snorted what little coke he had left and looked at his bloodshot eyes in the mirror. “Shit,” he said. He hated his job, and running out of his stash mid-shift made it worse.

He went back to the kitchen without washing his hands. Grabbing a bucket and a rag, he went to go clear Table 23. Fuck. The people who had sat there had obviously eaten with children. Bits of french fries and macaroni were scattered all over the table and booth seats.

Behind him, a woman was bitching loudly. “Harold, I already told you that you could have the brownstone, but I want the Hamptons. You can even have Max.”

“Victoria,” the man sighed, “Max is our son. You can’t just barter him away like a family pet!”

Damn, Charlie thought. That kid’s going to have issues. Probably become addicted to coke. Use the same dealer I do. Raise demand. Raise the prices. Shit.

Spinning on his heels Charlie went back into the kitchen.


Author’s Note: Yes, this is the piece of writing I was referring to in this post. I decided to go ahead and share it because I like it, I’m proud of it, and the content of my fictional writing in no way reflects my own character.


2 Responses to “Supply and Demand – A Work of Fiction”

  1. Ali August 2, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    Loved this! Very vivid characters. I found myself wanting to read more — to know more about Charlie. I’m really glad that you posted this!!!

  2. lisa karn August 2, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    I loved the characters to, although I am pissed off at Charlie though, he needs to get his shit together!!

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