A Caffeinated Pleasure

17 Nov

Yesterday afternoon as I walked around my language arts classroom monitoring my students’ work, I clung for dear caffeinated life (and warmth) to the cheery red Starbucks cup that contained the pure deliciousness that is a Peppermint Mocha. For me (lately), having a death grip on a cup of coffee is what gets me through the day. Whether it’s a Starbucks cup, a Super America cup or my beloved travel mug with my homemade coffee, the purpose remains the same. But, I digress.

As I made my rounds, one of my students, we’ll call him Carl, asked me, “Why is it that every teacher I have is always walking around with a cup of coffee?” Now, you should know that Carl is one of the squirmiest, distractible, absent-minded students I have. He also tries harder than almost anyone. What this means is that Carl takes up an enormous amount of my time and energy each day. So when he posed this question to me, I sighed heavily, smiled sweetly, and said, “Because it is exhausting work teaching all of you.”

Carl nodded thoughtfully. Then he said, “I would think it’s a pleasure teaching us.”

I nodded and said, “That’s very true. But, it is an exhausting pleasure.”

My job is absolutely one that is well worth every extra gulp of caffeine.


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