A Birthday Wish

7 Jan

My miracle turned two years old today.

When I think about the day he was born, I always am amused because it really did start out like any other day. I slept in, took a shower, shaved my legs, did my hair and makeup. Nothing unusual about that. But then I went to the hospital and one surgery later, I had a son.

It really does seem like only yesterday when he was wearing newborn sized clothing, sleeping all hours of the day (except when I wanted needed him to), and making me realize that until that time I had never truly understood the meaning of the word “exhausted.”

Now today, he sang happy birthday to himself, wore a 2T Cars t-shirt, refused to nap, and still left me exhausted.

I know this is cliché, coming from a mother, but I truly believe that I have been blessed with the best little boy to have ever walked the planet. He is sweet, loving (usually, unless you’re trying to pick up his toys or change his diaper), hilarious, and I’m pretty sure he’s a genius. Plus, have you seen him? I know as his mother I’m supposed to say this, but it’s true: he is one cute little boy. I would not change one single thing about him.

As I sit here getting weepy-eyed about the prospect of him aging even more than he already has (can’t he just stay two forever?), I have a birthday wish for him. I wish for him to remain as sweet, loving, smart, hilarious and cute as he is on this day for the rest of his life. I wish for his life to be easy, and that if struggles do come (as they usually always do), he realizes has the love and support necessary to get through them. I wish for him to be healthy and happy, always. And lastly, I wish for him to realize that no one will ever love him more, or as completely, as I do on this day.

Happy Birthday, to my son. I love you.




One Response to “A Birthday Wish”

  1. patrice January 10, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    So perfectly said. Well done on all accounts, dear friend. He is an amazing guy. This motherhood business isn’t too bad. happy Birthday to all three of you!

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