A Mother’s Day Post

13 May

Relationships with mothers (in my experience) are complicated. When I think about it objectively, I guess that’s rightfully so. From the second we’re born, mothers are fighting for our well-being. They want us to be safe, healthy, successful and happy. They put their every waking second into making sure that those things come to fruition and then, when we’re older, they’re forced to step to the side and watch us do things that are dangerous, bad for our health, that don’t better our lives and that often lead to heartbreak. Everything their mother’s intuition has screamed at them to keep us away from, we rush toward in our stubborn and naive efforts to be independent and self-sufficient. Eventually, hopefully, we reach a middle ground. We mature and realize that usually always our mother’s were right. Our mothers shake their heads and acknowledge that yes, sometimes, we have to learn things the hard way. We become more than a parent and a child, we become friends and mutual adults. Despite all this, there is one constant: our mothers never stop wanting us to be safe, healthy, successful and happy.

To say that my own mother has been on a journey the past couple of years is a pitiful understatement. She’s been put through the wringer more times than I can count, and the hell she’s dealt with is not one that I’d wish upon my worst enemies (that is, of course, assuming I had enemies). The fact that she’s still with us today, and that she’s as strong, inspiring and fabulous as she is, is nothing short of a miracle. Though our relationship has had its ups and downs, there’s never been an instant where I have doubted that she’d do anything for me. She is my mother, and I love her.

Today is my third mother’s day that I get to celebrate with the “new” perspective of being a mother myself. Like my own mother, I would do absolutely anything to keep my son safe, healthy, successful and happy. It’s an overwhelming and joyous feeling, and I plan on savoring every moment of it.

Happy mother’s day, to all the mothers out there.


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