Summer Reading Goals

15 May

A few weeks back my dear friend Ali posted a blog entry about the stack of books that makes up her “to read” pile. I have no such pile to post a picture of, because my “pile” is simply a typed list that takes up several pages (more than I’d care to admit) in Microsoft Word. When it comes to my list of books to read, I’m somewhat of a Sisyphus. For every book I finish, there’s four more that get added to the list. It’s one of my great fears that I’ll die not having read all the books I want to read.

Despite that rather depressing prospect, I never tire of trying. This year, I started a book club for my middle school students (which I blogged about here). It’s been an amazing experience. Their depth and insight into books that I’ve read tens of times before has been inspiring. Together this year we’ve read The Hunger Games, The Face on the Milk Carton, Homecoming and The Maze Runner. Two oldies (but goodies) and two of my new favorites as well. These books have pretty much been the only reading I’ve been able to accomplish this year, which I guess is to be expected my first year in teaching.

Perhaps this is why I have high expectations (as I always do) that this summer will mean big things in terms of my writing and my reading. It’s my first summer off as a teacher and mercifully I won’t have to spend it applying for jobs for next year. So what am I going to do? Read. Write. And be with my son. *bliss* Oh, and I’ll finish my master’s too, but no biggie.

While summer may not have officially started, here is my Summer Bucket List (books wise):

It’s no small undertaking, but I believe I can do it. I’m also heading an informal summer version of our book club for my students, which includes a summer reading challenge. If anyone has any suggestions for books (especially realistic fiction and “classics”), please share. In my opinion, the more books the better. There’s always room for more on my “to read” list.


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