Over/Underrated 2012 – Part One

1 Jan

While the coming of January 1st each year usually prompts the masses into reflecting on their lives and making resolutions to change it for the better, I’ve never been much of a resolution gal. Instead, I prefer to put my reflecting (and my snark) to good use – evaluating just what went right and what went horribly, horribly wrong in pop culture this past year. I am beyond thrilled to announce that Brook (my bestie, and one of the most talented writers/journalists I know) has agreed to help me out as I bring to you my 2012 over/underrated list (in ten parts for your reading convenience).

So, without further ado…


“Call Me Maybe”

Extreme heat for extended periods drives people to the brink of insanity. That really is the only way to explain how Carly Rae Jepsen’s saccharine concoction became the anthem of the summer.  Every year comes that one song that is always playing on the radio when you get in the car.  The one that requires violently shoving a pencil through your eye to forget.  In one fell swoop, Jepsen managed to sell records while simultaneously annoying the customers…an impressive feat.  That’s why she can’t be entirely written off as a fad.  Yet, she wasn’t the only one stoking the “Call Me Maybe” fire.  Everyone from Ivy League baseball teams to Olympic gymnasts capitalized on the popularity of the song by creating choreographed videos.  Surely such highly trained athletes have something better to do.  Then again, maybe not.  Save for one memorable performance of the song featuring Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, all relics of the song leave me feeling like Bradley Cooper’s character in Sliver Linings Playbook…tempted to embark on a murderous rampage.


No Doubt’s Push and Shove

This year was an interesting one for the music scene. Nicki Minaj spat lyrics that I still don’t understand, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha’s still trying to party like she’s in her early twenties, and for inexplicable reasons a Korean rapper’s song invaded both the radio waves and the Glee soundtrack. But, while the world was distracted trying to learn the dance to “Gangnam Style,” the band No Doubt was quietly releasing their first studio album in eleven years. No Doubt’s Push and Shove album was dropped with so little press and publicity that most people didn’t know it had happened until they performed at the American Music Awards in November. Despite the group’s absence from the airwaves, their new album manages to include just the right amount of electronica and dance tracks to stay relevant and fit in with the Top 40 trends, while still staying true to the group’s reggae and ska roots. Tracks like “Looking Hot,” “Push and Shove” and “Sparkle” sound so refreshingly familiar that they could easily have fit in as bonus tracks on No Doubt’s breakout album from 1995, Tragic Kingdom. How this album was released almost entirely under the radar is a mystery to me. Their performance of “Looking Hot” at the AMAs was such a breath of fresh air that my mother called me up afterward to ask me, “Have you ever heard of the group No Doubt?” Ummm, yes Mom, welcome to the world of good music. No Doubt, we’ve missed you, and welcome back.


5 Responses to “Over/Underrated 2012 – Part One”

  1. Ali Trotta January 1, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    I hate Call Me Maybe, and yet every time it’s on the radio, I cannot help but sing along. There’s something seriously wrong with me. hehe

    • Andrea January 2, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

      I have to admit that I do enjoy it, even though I’ve tired of hearing it played every two seconds on the radio. What’s awesome(ly bad?) is that Jack has started singing that song around the house.


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