Over/Underrated 2012 – Part Two

2 Jan

In case you missed it yesterday, I’m ringing in 2013 (with the help of my friend Brook) by reviewing the best and worst of what 2012 left behind. Here’s today’s insight into what got too much exposure in 2012, and what sadly didn’t get enough.


Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

Just in case you live under a rock, Kate Middleton…err…I mean…Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is in the family way. Oh goody. Just what the world needs.  Another silver-spoon-fed tyke for women across America to swoon over while their own children go neglected. OK, maybe not neglected, but I bet they’re eating SpaghettiOs straight from the can. Probably cold. I, like millions of other Americans, stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning to watch Prince William exchange vows with his doe-eyed commoner, but their nuptials were amateur hour by comparison. Not to mention the fact that a woman has died. And I’m not above suspecting skullduggery on the part of the Crown. Just saying, everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.
— Brook



Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann  is the actress we all know from that one movie, or that other movie with that guy, or that movie that had that girl in it. She’s the actress we recognize from pretty much everything we love, but somehow we never seem to remember her name. Well, Leslie, that stops here. Mann has stared in a plethora of comedic roles over the last two decades, playing alongside the best men comedy has to offer in The Cable Guy, George of the Jungle, Big Daddy, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and 17 Again (to name a few). That, in a nutshell, has been both Mann’s blessing, and her curse. While she’s a knockout with comedic timing to match (and often best) her leading men, she acts opposite such big names that her own dynamite performances are often overlooked. This winter, Mann reunited with her Knocked Up costar Paul Rudd to star in the Judd Apatow (Mann’s real-life husband) picture This Is 40. While I left the theatre after watching This Is 40 feeling mildly indifferent about the movie as a whole, Mann’s acting redeems the movie into a picture that’s still worth seeing (despite its virtually nonexistent plot-line). In the film, Mann refreshingly portrays a woman who enters her 40s feeling happy with her choices and satisfied with her life path, saddened only by the fact that life is simply going too quickly. There are no tattoos, piercings, sports cars or other stereotypical mid-life crisis markers. Instead there’s simply a woman with raw emotions, stripped and struggling to hold on to what’s all too fleeting: time. What’s even more enjoyable is that the depth of Mann’s character is interwoven with subtlety behind her amazing comedic chops, so that her character does not come off to viewers as preachy. Up until now, she may have been just a face at the movies, but make no mistake. Leslie Mann is a name you should know, and remember.
— Andrea



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