Over/Underrated 2012 – Part Five

5 Jan

Well folks, tonight’s entry takes us to the halfway point in this year’s over/underrated list (my how time flies). I’m proud to announce that Brook is back as my guest blogger and pop culture critic. Enjoy, and happy Saturday!


“Gangnam Style”

Not since the “Macarena” has a song with accompanying choreography taken the country by storm, but this year, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” dethroned the hit by Los del Rio. The video became the first to reach a billion views on Youtube, and surpassed “Baby” by Justin Bieber as the most watched video, and I am at a complete loss to understand the hype. Sure it’s catchy, and the dance is entertaining but to me, it’s just another bad, electronic dance song. The K-Pop single, sung almost entirely in Korean, essentially makes fun of Koreans who adopt Western practices and forsake Korean culture. Then reports surfaced that PSY harbored anti-American sentiments. I’m not typically uber patriotic, but PSY seems to be building an empire on alienating his fans. And, they seem to be too busy bopping along to care. What people need to keep in mind is that PSY is a hypocrite. Sure, talk all you want about how much you hate America, but then collect a paycheck performing for President Obama and company. Second, riding invisible horses was made popular by Monty Python, so take your second-rate, copycat dance moves back to Korea.  Maybe you can steal your next idea from the kids in the Gangnam District.
— Brook


Once Upon a Time

What do you get when you mix two of the writers from Lost with licensed Disney characters and beautifully crafted acting? Magic (yes, pun intended). When Once Upon a Time premiered on ABC in 2011, I was a fan from the start. As Joey Tribbiani would say, “What’s not to like?” Sure the special effects leave a lot to be desired, and the show is full of good old-fashioned cheese, but you have to remember; this is family programming after all. While I  immediately fell for the show, I thought for sure it would get canceled. It’s been my experience that most smart and even remotely unique shows are (Pushing Daisies, anyone?). These days unless you’re a show about cops, lawyers or doctors, your future is uncertain at best. I was beyond ecstatic to learn that the show captured the hearts of more Americans than just yours truly. The first season had everything I could have hoped for: an original plot (fairy tale characters stuck in the real world without any clue who they are?!), amazing actors (Ginnifer Goodwin?! Josh Dallas?!) and a plethora of allusions to my dearly departed Lost (A clock stuck at 8:15?! Apollo candybars?!). What really hooked me about the first season, though, were the complex relationships between the fairy tale characters that I’ve loved since my childhood. Who knew that the face in the Evil Queen’s mirror was really the once imprisoned genie? Who knew that the beast Belle fell in love with was actually Rumplestiltskin? I certainly didn’t, but my desire to know more was insatiable. Season two of Once has proven to be even more captivating than the first, exploring what would happen if magic existed in our world and delving deeper into the lengths we would go to in order to protect those we love. And (as if I wasn’t sold already), a sexy Captain Hook with devilish charm is definitely something I can get on board with. My one and only qualm about this standout show is that I seem to be the only one standing around the water cooler who’s watching it. I know for a fact that Once has had solid ratings, but the hype about this show seems to be lackluster at best. So come on, folks, do your country me a service and start tuning in on Sunday nights. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. *SHAMELESS PLUG* Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes tomorrow night on ABC at 8/7C.



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