Over-Underrated 2012 – Part Seven

7 Jan

Well folks, tonight it’s Brook’s turn for a double entry, as I am far too busy eating birthday cake with my son (GAH HE CAN’T BE THREE ALREADY). While I’m over here feeding my denial with chocolate, take a gander at what’s over/underrated in today’s installment.


Magic Mike

I can’t tell you how many people I heard complain about Magic Mike. “The plot was static.” “There was no real story.” I’m sorry. You went to a movie whose trailer promised nothing more than man ass, and you were disappointed with the story?! What were you expecting? The sequel to Gone With the Wind, only with full-frontal male nudity? I, like millions of other American women, held out hope that this would be the year the Academy finally recognized a much-needed new category: Best Ass Shaking. Alas, I was disappointed. Magic Mike was a letdown, not because it the plot was lacking, but because the movie was lacking naked men. Soderquist played it safe in his story about a male stripper wanting to change his wayward lifestyle. But everything about it was cliché…except for the one thing that should have been cliché. After that movie, the audience should’ve felt the need to go home and shower because the film was that dirty. Yet the result is a feigned attempt at drama that shadows the real reason anyone wanted to dole out $10 to see it in the first place. I’ve grown to expect more from Channing Tatum in the wake of movies like 21 Jump Street.  Call me crazy, but I think the sequel should be nothing but “dance” numbers.
— Brook



Anna Camp

Though she can hardly be considered a household name, if her role in 2012’s Pitch Perfect is any indication, it’s just a matter of time. An accomplished Broadway actress who has had guest starring roles on shows like True Blood and Mad Men, Camp has the perfect blend of “girl-next-door” charm and Southern Belle good looks to make us all swoon, with the acting chops to match. She also has the ability to bring an endearing quality to generally unlikable characters, such as her turn as Aubrey in Pitch Perfect where she played a domineering a cappella group leader. Camp was recently downgraded from series regular to recurring role on The Mindy Project…ACA-SCUSE ME? If you ask me, that just frees up her time for something bigger and better.
— Brook

Anna Camp


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