Summer Bucket List – 2014

18 Jun

It’s my first week of yet another summer vacation. When I look back on last year’s list, I’m proud to say that I actually did do five out of the seven things on that bucket list. Not too shabby. This year, for the first time since getting my teaching license, I have zero professional development obligations taking up some of my precious summer. What this equates to is more time to get some shit done, more time to spend with my boys, and more time for lists, because really, making them is just as much fun as checking them off. So on that note, my summer bucket list for the year 2014. (Seriously, how did I get so old?)

  • Read. Lots. I am never more inspired to write than when I am reading the works of those I admire.
  • Write. Something. Anything. Preferably finish my novel (fingers crossed).
  • Get caught up on my scrapbooking. I really mean it this time.
  • Deep clean my house
  • Landscape my yard (finally)
  • Binge watch Orange Is the New Black
  • Actually complete one of the 100 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer lists that I printed off of Pinterest.

This year, no excuses.

Wish me luck!



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